What is Online Personal Training?

What is Online Personal Training?2019-02-21T01:22:50+00:00

Online personal training is a superior new vehicle to deliver fitness results for clients without the financial and time restrictive burdens found in the traditional gym model.

  • Traditional in-person personal training has been great for thousands of people for decades. However, it never was perfect. Workouts were based around the trainer’s schedule rather than the client’s.

  • This forced workouts to be a scheduling difficulty for people rather than a harmonious addition. Traditional methods also put a steep financial burden and a barrier on people.

  • Because trainers could only schedule appointments for a handful of clients each week, the price on their time rose exponentially. Traditional costs range from $50-$110 per hour (with some trainers even charging upwards of $300 an hour!!) and usually with 2-3 appointments a week.

  • That expense just isn’t feasible for everyone. But the biggest difficulty traditional training faced was that it was a grossly incomplete package. Workouts are a great addition to your life, but workouts alone are incomplete. Each week, you may workout between two to six hours out of 168 weekly hours.

  • That only accounts for less than 2% of your total week. A great coach aims to guide and teach their client how to succeed with their goals in those additional hours, but a tired client in between difficult sets of exercises isn’t always the most receptive student.

  • Workout sessions just aren’t an ideal environment to give a client all the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

By moving to an online platform, we’re able to deliver a complete fitness service that can be accessed and processed when the client is most receptive. Because our coaching staff no longer has hour long commitments to hover over someone’s workout, we’re able to dedicate more time to client needs and education while still delivering the best workout programs. It’s a model we’re very excited about because it allows us to whole-heartedly dedicate ourselves to our mission of making fitness simple, attainable, and sustainable. If you’re excited about it as well, check out our ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING page to learn more about how you can get started with this superior training option.