Client Success Stories 🙂

Health REBELs breaks free from common standards and redefines healthy living to pave a new path to wellness. But does it work? It sure does!

Quick note… You won’t find before and after photos here.

I used to collect before and after photos, but no longer

Instead of before and after photos and stories of weightloss, we focus on wellness and quality of life. You’ll see more diversity in the results clients get and the takeaways they learn. Yes, you’ll hear about weightloss because as you transform your healthy living, your body will change. But we want to focus on increases in quality of life above all else

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Robin W. overcomes old college injury to play with her kid more

“I feel better, stronger, and healthier!” that’s a far better outcome that opens up so much wellness. And helped her keep up with her 7 year old son 🙂

Helena has a "simply life-changing" coaching experience!

Helena worked with personal trainers for almost 13 years, and none of her athletics focused trainers dug deep and helped her create a new lifestyle. Instead of beating her up for the sake of better “fitness” we unlocked her best life that lives in a healthy body. Her body transformed, but more importantly, her mind changed and that lead to a change everywhere in her life.

Jen gets a brand new mindset (and an actual excitement for exercise!)

We’re not here to boss you around like a drill sergeant. We’re not here to force you into a grueling fitness program or a miserable diet. We’re here to help you explore what health really means to you and the benefits you’ll see. Heck, like Jen admitted, you don’t even need to be perfect to be a success 🙂

Lori shares her tremendous 1st month experience

Lori felt like she had “let herself go” but after just the first month, she noticed she was bouncing around her house with more energy, more confidence, and more zest! She also lost 7 pounds while having fun in just 5-6 weeks (at time of recording. she kept going from there) 🙂