Online Personal Training
Online Personal Training

As you know, my mission with Simple Success Fitness is to make fitness simple, accessible, and sustainable. I offer more with my online personal training service to make your success sustainable than I ever could with traditional personal training. I also offer it at rates significantly lower than the industry average to make your success more accessible. The cherry on top? Everything I recommend gets boiled down to the simplest actionable steps for you to keep it simple.

What You Get

workout PLAN

Workout plans completely tailored to your individual goals and needs.

Nutritional Guidance
and Meal Planning

A healthy meal plan and coaching to implement it into your lifestyle

Support And

Unlimited email access and responses to cover every need 


A Recipe Book with over 140 healthy recipes to try

Video Demonstrations
and exercise tutorials

Extensive video library so you always know you’re being safe and effective

Weekly Feedback
And Reflections

Keep your journey always moving forward by addressing your most immediate needs

Video Analysis
as Needed

Ensure you’re performing each exercise safely and correctly

Health and Fitness lessons relevant to your goals

Handcrafted information relevant to you and your goals. 

Ongoing Support
And Modifications

I’ll be with you every step, bump, and leap along your way to success

But What Does It Cost?

Remember, everything comes back to my mission of making fitness simple, sustainable, and accessible. Traditional personal training is just too expensive to be accessible for most people. Online Personal Training costs a fraction of what traditional personal training does, but delivers a much more complete package.

Traditional Personal Training

$60-100 per workout

2-3 workouts per week

(That’s $120-$300 per week)

Nutrition appointments extra

Rarely supports outside of workouts

Usually requires a large upfront package cost


$480-$1200 each month😱


Online Personal Training

All Inclusive Package (workout, nutrition, support, etc.)

Never any add-on charges for extra service

As low as $300 each month