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This is NOT your next fat-loss program, this is your LAST fat-loss program

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The next Health and Fitness Rehab program starts July 6th! This is only available every other month, so get in while you can!

The Health and Fitness Rehab program is a revolutionary approach to fat loss transformations!

Look. The Fitness Industry is broken. There’s so much conflicting information that it’s hard to know what works. Worse yet, what most people say works is often times physiologically and psychologically damaging. Those damaging effects can hold people back for years after their short programs.

Most fat-loss programs preach extreme workouts and restrictive diets that work when you’re in that short program, but leads people to crash and burn afterwards because the habits are so unrealistic they can’t be sustained! We need to do better. You deserve better.

We’ve all seen Yo-Yo Dieters who lose 20 pounds then gain 25 pounds, lose 20 pounds again only to gain back 30 pounds (heck, maybe you’ve even BEEN that yo-yo dieter).

The reality is that fitness you gain for 12 weeks but can’t keep for 12 months… That’s not fitness and it sure isn’t healthy.

In this program, we fight against trends of extremism to build no-nonsense habits you can maintain for a lifetime. Extremism won’t help you and simple methods straight up give better results. We also avoid overwhelming you like most programs. Most programs expect you to adopt a new workout plan, a new diet, and new lifestyle all on day one and expect you to be perfect immediately. In this program, we will systematically add healthy habits and improve them as we go along so your journey becomes unbelievably simple and easy.

And it works!

Clients that have gone through this program not only have lost inches off their waist, but they’ve ENJOYED the program.
More importantly, they kept up the healthy habits after the program ended.
Check out some before/afters and testimonials from my clients.

This program is effective not only because it rejects fanaticism and extreme workouts and diets, but also because of it’s systematic approach to building new habits without overwhelming.

I do this with clients by identifying critical habits for optimum health, and then focusing on one at a time to maximize the habit uptake. I also very intentionally scheduled the habits so that they build on each other and support each other instead of haphazardly trying random things at random times.

Want to see the weekly outline for the program?

Program Outline

Week 1: Mental Reframing and Program Planning

Too often, people start workout programs and try to figure it out as they go. We’re going to step back and really make sure we have a solid plan to keep you from getting lost. 

Week 2: Exercise

Exercise is the cornerstone of healthy lifestyles. We start here very deliberately. Exercise changes your self-perception which helps motivate us to stick with other habits. 

Week 3: NEAT and Steps

Exercise is great, but did you know there’s a habit that can be 3x more productive for our fatloss goals, be done more frequently, and be less taxing on our bodies? Sounds pretty NEAT!

Week 4: Sleep

There’s not a single biological function that isn’t impacted by sleep. We’ll dive in deep on why it’s so important to get more zzzz’s

Week 5: Meal Prep and Nutrition

We’ll explain “What is a healthy meal” and have you plan your next week’s food intake

Week 6: Healthy Eating

Last week we figured out WHAT to eat, now it’s time to put it in action

Week 7: Water Intake

There’s a ton of great benefits to being hydrated. We’ll focus on how much you drink this week

Week 8: Stress Management–Identification and Strategy

Stress can be a wrecking ball to your health. We’ll work on identifying your biggest stress sources and how to manage them 

Week 9: Stress Management–Implementing Strategies

We identified and strategized, now we gotta do it!

Week 10: Growing your support network

Nobody can do it alone. Get the support you need for lifelong wellness. 

Week 11: Keep it Moving

You’ve been working out for 10 weeks, keep it moving!

Week 12: Keep it Going

Just because this program has ended doesn’t mean your fit and healthy life stops. Keep it going

So What Do You Actually Get?

Let's get started and unlock your life's potential through sustainable health and fitness

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