This February, We Can Help Children Receive the Therapies They Need

In my hometown, there is a 501(c)(3) called Elevations Foundation that helps fill the gap to provide special needs children with the therapy and equipment they need that insurance doesn’t provide. Elevations works directly with Therapy providers to help children gain access to crucial services when barriers such as High Deductibles, Multiple Co-Pays, Limited Insurance Benefits, Lack of Coverage, and/or Uninsured Services/Equipment get in the way.

Founded in 2012, Elevations Foundation has provided grants exceeding $300,000 to families with children who otherwise couldn’t receive crucial care. Some of the therapies Elevations Foundation has helped provide for children include Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Hippotherapy, Specialized Therapy Camps, Home Therapy Equipment, as well as several other need based therapies.

Elevations Foundation does a great job, but they need more help to fill the need in their community. Although they provided more last year than ever before, there was still over $150k of need that couldn’t be filled because of funding. We can help chip away at that need through this Strong-er People, Strong-for People Fitness Challenge. Every cent I raise will go directly to Elevations Foundation to help fund the great work they’re doing in the community.

So what’s in this challenge? The 4 week program will be broken into 4 separate weekly challenges so that you can improve various different aspects of health and fitness. There will also be contests with special prizes, exclusive content only available for participants, and bonus workouts provided. Every participant will also be a part of a private forum where you can receive support and provide encouragement to other participants. We’re all in this fight together! This is a great opportunity to build solid fitness habits while the New Year is fresh, all while also helping support a noble charity effort.

This challenge is JAM-PACKED with Value because I want there to be no WAY you don’t help this charity. In This Challenge, you get:

  • A 28 Day Structured Challenge improving on your healthy and fit life habits
  • An overarching 28 Day challenge focus
  • 4 Separate weekly Challenges to give a wider scope than average fitness challenges
  • An exclusive forum for support and accountability
  • Curated Health and Wellness Articles
  • Pop-Up 1-day Challenges to test you in new ways
  • BONUS! Free Simple Meal Guide
  • BONUS! Free Recipe Book with 140+ recipes
  • BONUS! Exclusive Workouts only available to Challenge Participants
  • BONUS! First Access (and FREE!) copy for my upcoming Simple Omnivore Eating Guide book (releases late March, retail $24.99)


Like I mentioned, every cent put forth for this challenge will be given to Elevations Foundation. Entry into this challenge is only $50 for a month of workout challenges, content, and prizes. Fill out the form below to get started and make sure to check out the video at the bottom to learn a little more about Elevations. And of course, if you want even more information, be sure to check their website.