Health REBELs has one mission: Redefine Healthy Living so you can easily have energy and confidence to enjoy life

Health REBELs was started out of anger. It upset me to see how the western defaults lead to lives that were unhealthy and unhappy. Maybe you’ve noticed the same. It seems like it’s easier to be unhealthy in modern society than it is to be healthy.


The common standards we live in pushes us towards confusion, sickness, and the physical inability to enjoy playful adventures with friends and family. Even worse, the fitness industry that was supposed to give us answers wasn’t actually designed for health; it was designed for athletics. You’ve probably seen this in action… The solution makes a bigger problem.

Health REBELs Breaks Free from Common Standards!

My core values

Hey There!

My name is Steven Hicks, and I started Health REBELs to fix issues I saw running rampant in the fitness industry. There was extremism everywhere (ask a vegan if you should eat meat and they may eat you, ask a CrossFit athlete about Bodybuilding and you’re in for an hour long lecture about “functional” fitness) and that just confused more people than it helped. There’s also a ton of misinformation out there.

So I wanted to train people and offer workouts and advice that avoided an extreme approach but still worked. I’ve used my decade of personal training experience and my degree in Kinesiology (Exercise Science) to deliver effective, simplified recommendations to hundreds of clients.

But I realized personal training wasn’t accessible to everyone. It’s just too damn expensive. However, everyone deserves to be able to live a healthy, happy, and vibrant life. I was also too busy with sessions each day to check in on my clients to make sure their non-workout habits were fulfilling their body and their health needs. I saw my clients for 1% of their week, but they wanted 100% results. I just couldn’t deliver enough with the traditional model to enough people, so I took personal training online to be more accessible and to deliver a complete package.

As the name tells, Health REBELs aims to fight back, to break free from common standards and refedine the process so that everyone can be successful with health and fitness. I avoid dogmatic recommendations that require extreme dedication and give advice that is actionable.

Here on the site I offer online personal training and educational resources that fall in line with both my core values and my mission of making fitness simple, sustainable, and accessible. It’s my sincere hope that you enjoy what you find here and that you find your fitness success with my help.