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But Health REBELs Coaching is built from the ground up with a health-first approach because your best life lives in a healthy body.

By breaking free from common standards and redefining healthy living, we’re able to help you build a routine that actually makes sense for your life demands and can stick. Routines that are exciting to maintain, and give you more energy, more self-confidence, and more abundance.

Why Health REBELs Coaching?

Health REBELs has a mission to redefine healthy living so that you can be empowered to live your best life. Everything about our approach to coaching has been built from the ground up with the single goal of promoting health and getting away from the athletic standards of the fitness and wellness industry.

We typically take a more reasonable and holistic approach to wellness than you’ve seen elsewhere in the industry. Because we’re only interested in helping you live a healthier & happier life, we don’t need to crush you to validate our egos. We don’t need to starve you to prove we’re elite. We don’t need some sleep trick or biohacks of the billionaires to help you be healthy and happy.
We just need to support you with recommendations that are simple to stick with and help you live your best life. Click the button below for a 60 minute coaching call
Health First

A New Path To Health. A combined focus on Biology and Sociology


One day while on a walk, it occurred to me that all the fitness discussion wasn’t productive. People knew what to do in the gym (mostly, although we’re really good at making that confusing, too). People generally knew what foods to eat (again, online contradictions make that more confusing than it needs to be). Yes, despite an increased awareness of fitness and nutrition over the years, American health trends continue to worsen. Why??

What we had in the fitness and nutrition industry wasn’t helping people because it wasn’t actually addressing the people!

Fitness professionals are very interested, passionate, and even obsessed about ways to make fitness “better” (read: More muscle and more sport performance). Nutrition professionals were fixated on food and nutrition to the point of borderline Orthorexia. Ultimately, Fitness and Nutrition professionals were most interested in maximizing the pursuit of fitness and nutrition. People weren’t considered.

Instead of being focused on what can make “fitness” better and more productive, Health REBELs focuses on how fitness can support your biology and promote more health. Instead of focusing on what diet can “better” micromanage nutrition, Health REBELs focuses on how healthy eating habits provides for your biological needs and promotes health.

Beyond that, with the focus on health and biological needs, the lens expanded. Exercise and Nutrition are great and productive, but they’re not the only lifestyle factors that contribute to your health. Sleep is as impactful if not moreso, and gets little more than lip service treatment in the wellness space. Because it’s such a crucial biological need, we made it a cornerstone of our Holistic Wheel. Same with Stress, Support, and Mindset.


But there’s more. Having the right information and the right intentions does not ensure that you’ll be successful….

There are a multitude of external pressures in our lives, and society in general, that pushes the average American to being unhealthy. If it were a handful of people that had weight issues, we could stop and talk about individual changes. But with recent Census data showing over 80% of Americans are overweight (and 43% categorically obese), there’s more to the story than playing personal blame games.

How did we get here? What continues to perpetuate these trends?

When we can look at these questions with a sociological view, we can find more meaningful solutions to our problems. Things like changes in work structures, changes in social interactions and recreation, changes in food distribution and production methods, and changes in social norms reveal the unseen forces that create a natural default of unhealth.

Finding these unseen forces enriches Health REBELs Coaching because, instead of harping on you to do more squats and eat less donuts like you’ve heard before, we can make real suggestions that radically alter your natural defaults in life and health

It's Time For a New Path to Health!

The obesity epidemic really exploded on the scene about 30 years ago in the 1990’s, and the common fitness, nutrition, and wellness advice has done nothing to correct the decline of American Health.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”

We’ve tried traditional workout advice. We’ve tried diets. We’ve tried biohacks, supplements, and even climbing mountains in Nepal to speak to mystic gurus.. None of that has helped build meaningful and sustainable health improvements.

It’s time that we break free from common standards, redefine healthy living, and create a simpler and sustainable path to lifelong health and wellness.

I firmly believe your best life lives in a healthy body. Health REBELs Coaching is the way you unlock that healthy body so you can unlock all the rest of the amazing bounty of life.

It’s time to become a Health REBEL!